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Win A Free Reading! (YouTube 1 Year Anniversary Promo & “Just Ask Jakob”)

Win A Free Reading! (YouTube 1 Year Anniversary Promo & “Just Ask Jakob”)

I can hardly believe how quickly the past year has flown by. My life has completely changed since I started this Journey of sharing my life process, A. K. A. “A R T O F L O V E” and my psychic tarot horoscopes on my currently evolving YouTube Channel.

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JUST ASK JAKOB! Win a Free Reading – Gratitude Giveaway!

(For me, it’s no wonder that this  happened during the Taurus season, due to my own natal constitutional implications with that amazing tribe of zodiac kin.)

This retrograde season has presented so many opportunities for life path review and I’ve been astonished at how happy I am with the direction mine has been going, thanks to what I do for LIFE and L-I-V-I-N-G!

I’m so blissed out on the gratitude I feel for being able to wake up each day feeling so supported in my own world, due to being in my alignment at this time. And I have so many thanks to give to those of you who have chosen to follow me, like me, share my content, and patronize my service to others practice.

So, my business mentor and my personal Guides have challenged me to stretch myself into growing a space for a new series called, “Just Ask Jakob,” where I will collect the questions from my subscribers to answer in a YouTube video on my channel.

To get your question into the weekly drawing for free answers from me on my new weekly YouTube series, ”
“Just Ask Jakob,” all you have to do is subscribe to this list.



M A Y  C O N T E S T

W I N   A   F R E E   P E R S O N A L   R E A D I N G!!

You can win a free personal reading (of your choice) in my new monthly contest that I’m just kicking off now, in the month of May, as a BIG THANK YOU to those of you who support me in my life path!

I’m calling this free personal reading contest my “Gratitude Giveaway

To be completely honest, after the way my life had been going and the constant barrage of negativity that I endured to get to this point, I nearly did not begin to share my life practice like this. I’m a sensitive person who nearly gave up on sharing himself this way, due to the negative reinforcement that has been assigned to me  by those who’ve been “closest” to me…

I say none of these things to harbor any negativity, because I have actually made the efforts to eliminate my toxic burdens in the spirit of forgiveness, and in so doing have found myself being SUPPORTED by so many people who have demonstrated their appreciation for my practice and the readings that Spirit has shared through my humble vessel.

I have decided to make a new commitment to you, my friends, that I am creating time to serve you with an opportunity to receive a free personal reading. Each month, I will have a new contest and will post up entry details and specifics.


One Year YouTube Anniversary Free Personal Reading “Gratitude Giveaway

To enter the drawing for my first Gratitude Giveaway:

  1. “Like” my new Facebook FanPage
  2. Publically share it with your friends on your page (these are being tracked for the WIN), shouting me out!
  3. Send me a Facebook IM with a screenshot of your public post.
  4. You can win more entries every time a friend of yours “Likes” my Facebook FanPage. Send me a Facebook IM with a screenshot of their “Like” and you will receive an extra entry, per friend.
  5. You can even win one more entry, if one of your referred friends “Likes” AND publically shares my new Facebook FanPage with a shoutout to me. Just send me a Facebook IM with a screenshot of their public shoutout post.

(All entries are being tracked by my virtual assistant who is organizing and checking submissions for legitimacy.)

Here’s a simple shoutout post you can copy & paste to your page, or you can make up your own (just make sure that the post is set to public and that it links to my Facebook FanPage.

Here’s a shoutout to one of my all-time fave YouTube Channels, Intuitive Jakob’s A R T O F L O V E. He offers really unique free psychic tarot readings and is doing a contest to give away a free personal reading.

You can enter to win a free personal reading with Intuitive Jakob if you “Like” his Facebook FanPage – and – following the instructions in this post

Easy peasy, right?

So, yeah, looking forward to interacting with you more and more and so looking forward to the onward Journey we expand into with each moment.

In service, gratitude, & 💘,
Intuitive Jakob

PS – Thanks again, from the depths of my HEART, for being here…