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💘Down & Dirty Dailies 5/31 – “Don’t trust me. (Trust God.)” 💘(psychic tarot horoscopes)

💘Down & Dirty Dailies 5/31 – “Don’t trust me. (Trust God.)” 💘(psychic tarot horoscopes)

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Happy hump day, loves!

Wow, what messages coming through. I was tackled by the witnesses here to spit out some things that I couldn’t even cram into the one little song given to me by AAG, as usual…

I kept hearing, “Don’t trust me. (Honor God.)” It was someone’s high guides reminding me that their personified self can’t be trusted, even if they say everything we wanted to hear.

Surely, this can’t be for everyone, but in the context of this reading (should it apply to you, that is), there is a fervent cautionary note coming from the high witnesses that the things coming through some vessels may not be trustworthy due to the way an infiltrator has come into a sacred space…sometimes disguised as “love and light.” (I was seeing images of some SciFi stuff where the parasites are planted into “vessels” who become operatives.)

I heard very clearly that in the exposure, many will receive a quick return on all that’s been sown. I heard “payback in kind”…so this could be very interesting to those it was intended to reach.

If you feel like someone has been spying on you and/or attempting to rupture your sense of security, I’m hearing that it is time to do a purge because there are some energies that are only there because of a tacit permission to be there. You may want to speak to someone about an assisted energetic cleansing…

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Intuitive Jakob

Playing Message Personnel (Arab Strap Remix), by Dot Allison


SECRET LANGUAGE OF HABITS (Lessons from Nature) – Weds 5/31

SECRET LANGUAGE OF HABITS (Lessons from Nature) – Weds 5/31

Habits and surroundings we keep prove who we allow and accept ourselves to *BE*.

In this sense, nature is once again boss, and s/he shows us who is in charge by the way we attach to these surroundings. In some cases, it’s a trained response that has been ingrained due to the ways we’ve been taught to accept our surroundings and ask no questions.

All things in nature have a flow and a rhythm. Where we allow ourselves to “dance” speaks volumes to what we approve of as a standard.

Today’s mentoring has challenged me once again to speak candidly about where I am in reference to navigating this EXACT energy in my life at this time. (And it just made me glad I’m not “natures bitch.”)

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t want to hear my rant about why YouTube is a place that seduces people into accepting (what my Guides call) severe energy parasite infestation on a psycho/spiritual level, click the down thumb and get back to your parasite.

[It only proves how many are infested with parasites to have things like this paraded in such a fashion anyway. Way to go YouTube, for inspiring others to feel degraded somehow by this benign and somewhat asinine demonstration of negativity. It never bothered me and I’ve been somewhat impervious and receive overall few thumbs telling me how good or bad I am…it’s laughable how people get manipulated over this, though. Says something about the “nature” here…]

I say all that as the guy who doesn’t give a shit about the metrics but has watched them long enough and carefully enough to understand how some of these tactics are being propagated.

I am honored to say that in all of this WITNESSING I have done here, I have seen clearly what is happening and how far old paradigms have gone to trick people into accepting surroundings that perpetuate old abusive systems.


And I’m getting off YouTube for that and other reasons…I will continue to update as they “allow” my videos to upload (slower than ever suddenly, go figure. Hm.)

Once I complete planning my website migration, I will be offering my own videos via my own private server with room for a unique expansion that is connected to an eco-system I’ve been designing for some time now…I will inform as that be-comes…and if you’re on my PRIVATE list off YouTube, you’ll know when.

If you’re interested in how my mentor got me on this subject about the way nature shows us where we ARE, constantly, you can see that here…

And I will end by asking you if you find yourself in an environment that protects your ability to THRIVE…because mine does. What does yours do? Are you being protected? Just curious…


Intuitive Jakob

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💘Down & Dirty Dailies 5/18/17: Hanging on a moment of truth 💘(psychic tarot horoscopes)

💘Down & Dirty Dailies 5/18/17: Hanging on a moment of truth 💘(psychic tarot horoscopes)

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Hey dears,

What a day! So much hit me this morning, personally, and I wanted to say RIP to Chris Cornell and send my love to everyone who has been affected by this and the passings of so many of our beloved artists who’ve given us so much.

How heavily we’ve relied upon things like their music to get us through the difficult times when life seems to have shut us down in some way. Right?

These cards tripped me out, TBH. I was getting a whole download that was already pretty hectic and then I noticed how I could see Chris in here too. Bizarre-oh!

I heard about some endings to relationships in love that happen for various reasons surrounding truths that have come forward due to lies that are being exposed. They’re saying for some people it was intolerable to find out the truth in such a manner. We send our condolences to any who’ve been hurt here.

They say this song (originally by Bruce Springsteen) may strike a note for some of you.

We’ll be praying and sending love to those who have had to cut off something toxic in some way.

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Intuitive Jakob

Playing I’m on Fire, by Chromatics

RIP Chris Cornell (People are NOT numbers) – Thurs 5/18

RIP Chris Cornell (People are NOT numbers) – Thurs 5/18

This morning, I woke up feeling pretty amazing in myself but as soon as I sat up and felt the cosmic woo-woo, it hit me like a ton of bricks. There was a welling up of anger and sadness that felt like it was coming from deep within the collective “guts” – and then I saw the news about Chris Cornell’s passing.

As a person who has benefited in vast ways by the way others’ art has rescued me in desperate moments of varying kinds, I was impacted heavily by this…not to mention that suicide has played a massive role in my own self and spiritual development, as well as my mediumship abilities.

The message from my mentor was helpful for me in many ways and it got me on this rant here about the commoditization of beings.

I might have gone off on it a little bit because it hit me in a number of ways, personally.

If you agree that people are no commodities to be pawned, this might resonate…

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Intuitive Jakob

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(CREATING MIRACLES) How I healed from stage 4 cancer – Fri 5/12: LIFEHACKING

(CREATING MIRACLES) How I healed from stage 4 cancer – Fri 5/12: LIFEHACKING

Today, I share how I got saved.

This morning, my mentor challenged me in a way that brings me here to share with one of the most intimate details of my life, with regard to the stage 4 cancer diagnosis I have miraculously healed from.

It isn’t something I’ve spoken about much, especially due to my upbringing and how I was constantly made to feel like my woes somehow reflected poorly on my parent. It’s taken me 40 years to be able to even be willing to talk about some things because of how shut down I had been taught to be toward true MIRACLES, let alone my own happiness and wellbeing.

Today, I would like to share with you what I did to call in a miraculous healing of the kind of cancer that doctors told me would claim me within 2-5 years’ time. And here I am, 2 years later, with no evidence of any disease…writing a book about it all, with my medical team.

And maybe I should also mention that I’m in love. I have also been able to design a vibration in my world that has allowed me to manifest love that I never knew could be mine…


I learned to architect my very own miracles in a very special way, which I am sharing with you today on my lifehacking daily shortcut.

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I know what’s on the other side of your dreams, because I can see you in your wholeness and your full radiance. I challenge you today, to take action upon becoming the architect to reverse engineer your own perfect outcomes, and I am at your service should you wish to have a guide in the process.


Intuitive Jakob

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