💘Down & Dirty Dailies 5/26 – I still feel the same 💘(psychic tarot horoscopes)

💘Down & Dirty Dailies 5/26 – I still feel the same 💘(psychic tarot horoscopes)

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TGIF loves!

So this was very interesting to see the two tight-lipped characters showing up again in the same reading. I’m hearing about some ongoing themes that may cross reference for some of you…

They’re showing me some of the things that have been happening for a long time now and say that some of you may have been calling together different kinds of relationships on subtle frequencies. I’ve received many messages for people who’ve consciously been “calling in” divine partnerships and whose relationships have been holographic to some extent or “5D”…

They were talking about confirmation that people’ve been waiting for that may finally be presented. I see that there are some interesting correlations between finances and money for some. And in others, they’re showing us something about love sickness that some experience due to the psychic hooks and attachments that are present with partners they mourn in some way.

It’s a beautiful time under the fresh energy of the Gemini new moon that happened yesterday, to start anew where you can. Hope that your weekend is lovely!

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