💘Down & Dirty Dailies 5/29 – The things I never knew how to say 💘(psychic tarot horoscopes)

💘Down & Dirty Dailies 5/29 – The things I never knew how to say 💘(psychic tarot horoscopes)

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Hey loves,

Happy Memorial Day to you all! I would like to say THANK YOU so very much to all who’ve served this beautiful country. You have my gratitude for all you have given so selflessly.

Today, we’re hearing all about the things that someone wants to basically apologize for. They were saying that someone may have been unkind and mean and done some things they’ve regretted and that the worst part is not knowing how to fix it.

They were saying that there was something that came between someone’s love and both partners did show up, but separated by many things, including this depressive state.

I heard that it would be important for some to remember “kindness” especially if the one coming forward has been awful to you due to their own reactive nature. They said that some of you have a special knowledge of why something may have happened and that there will be an opportunity to be kind and not have to stoop or anything in dealing with this person, especially if they’ve been especially horrible to you in the past.

I hear some cautionary notes around how someone may act out. Someone’s guides wanted me to mention to pay attention to the look in someone’s eyes, especially if it seems like something is “off” about them. I heard about someone having a tendency to only get brave enough to talk after they’ve been doing things that make them generally a hot mess to deal with, especially with regard to their own safety.

Interesting messages. Please be safe!

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