Down & Dirty Dailies 💘 Lotto Style Tarotscope Reading 09/07/2017

Down & Dirty Dailies 💘 Lotto Style Tarotscope Reading 09/07/2017

Welcome to your daily tarot reading for today, done lottery style! Hope you enjoyed the gorgeous Piscean full moon last night! It was huge and orange here.

Archangel Gabriel chose today’s song, “So Nice” (Summer Samba Remix), by Bebel Gilberto. (I can change the speaker location tomorrow so the sound is improved from today’s, but didn’t want to re-record since these messages seemed like they may be important for someone.)


So at the center of this reading, we’re hearing all about someone’s “risky” moves. They say it as if it’s not so much risky, but more of a bold step in context to how this good friend normally shows up, because they say s/he (they/other) may be ordinarily reserved and protective over their feelings and actions.

There was another story showing up around what could very well point to a cautionary measure for anyone who has been sensing they have someone lurking around or casing. I’m hearing it could simply be nosy neighbors trying to see what’s going on, but for someone, it does show up as a thief in the middle…although, there’s a message coming forward about it, so it’s possible they were seen and you will hear from someone who was an eye witness.

In the strongest messages coming, though, it was all about a good friend doing something out of their ordinary, and in some cases it appeared to be a confession coming forward about their feelings and how they want to have something special established together in your relationship.

I hope that’s for you, if that’s the case, because it seems like it is a very sweet day and I wish you all the best!

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