Full Moon Psychic Tarot Daily Horoscope Reading (Down & Dirty Dailies Lottery)

Full Moon Psychic Tarot Daily Horoscope Reading (Down & Dirty Dailies Lottery)

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How about a full moon psychic tarot daily horoscope reading, Steemit & Dtube community!?

I do these lottery style and they come with a song picked by Archangel Gabriel.

On today’s reading, I kept hearing “Gemini,” and my Guides tell me this may have something to do with who is involved.

The song that was picked today is “Touch Me,” by Samantha Fox. I was hearing right away that for the person who turned their back, whatever they were waiting on may have happened or be the right time to come forward about.

There was a strong implication about someone’s ex and perhaps the child that was expected. In other cases, they were talking about the regrets someone from the past may have regarding the choice to walk away. They’re saying that some personal communication may come forward for someone.

I heard that reconciliations may be in order and that it’s even possible that someone’s new start could result in a conception!

Hope that your full moon is wonderful. Life is coming into rapid synchronization for many of us, so please be wise about the things you choose to begin and make sure that they’re in line with your highest good.

If you’d like a personal reading, please reach out to me for that here http://artofloveoffering.gr8.com

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Intuitive Jakob

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