Debug the mental hard drive (DELETE SPACE HOGS) – Mon 5/29

Debug the mental hard drive (DELETE SPACE HOGS) – Mon 5/29

There are these pesky things that happen so often that most of us don’t even realize what energy vampires they are.

What am I talking about?

Well, I can’t say that I have a specific word for them, but they’re those naggy little things that suck your good energy away from what your highest aspirations are challenging you to manifest.

Your focus might be suffering every time these little nags pop up throughout the day.

The problem is that most people are so used to these nags that they don’t recognize how many ways that they’re being circumvented from what they truly want to achieve.

I have had to work with myself over this very topic quite a bit lately while contemplating the best way to continue to develop myself as a human and also how to scale my business and manage it all as an active servant to the spiritual community.

Sometimes you have to make cuts and delete the space hogs.

I’ve been contemplating some cuts I need to make for awhile now and can say that taking a closer look into this topic has been beneficial in this process of decision-making.

You can also see the message that my mentor shared with me this morning which got me onto this topic. Check it out and drop him a comment for a chance to win a really cool book.

Intuitive Jakob

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